Why We Are Crowdfunding & How We Need Your Help

In our last blog we revealed that we have been working on an exciting re-brand of Arya Candles. We have spent the last 12 months creating some very exciting designs, a new logo, a new candle container, and a beautiful box which we know will take everyone's breath away. We know we have the WOW factor. 

When Lina and I founded Arya candles we had big dreams and big goals. We knew that our company would be more than just a candle business and we are not women who do things by half. The purpose of our business is to produce gorgeous, elegant products which help to support women in war torn countries via Women for Women International.

In order for us to produce the quantity of candles needed to make a huge impact on the lives of these women and to spread our message far and wide we will be going onto the investment platform Seedrs, to raise the money to make this happen. The money we raise will be used to purchase increased stock, new product development (we have more exciting plans already in the pipeline!), and marketing & branding. We will also be having a complete website make-over to go with our new branding. 

From the date we launch, we have 60 days to get fully funded. During the first stage the campaign will only be visible to those who have been given a unique URL: Our family, friends, and loyal Arya customers. After the first stage, our campaign goes public, where it will be visible to the Seedrs active investor base. The amount raised in the first stage is very important, as it shows we have support from the people around us, and demonstrates to other investors that we have a following of people who believe in what we are trying to achieve. 

This is when we ask for your help. As an ethical business we are completely transparent in our campaign. You will have access to a short video (which we filmed on the hottest day of the year!), our plans for the money, our financial documents/business plan...And our hopes & dreams for the business!

We, Lina & Jenny Hogg, put 100% of our passion into Arya Candles. We are invested. We believe that our beautiful candles have the power to do so much good in the world.
With your help, we can continue to support so many more women, whilst shaking up the candle market!

Will you help us make Arya Candles the great success that it is destined to be?

Will you join us?

Our next blog will come on launch day, when we'll share with you the new designs and a special link to our campaign

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