Arya Candles was created to be a socially responsible business, to realise Jenny and Lina Hogg’s dream of empowering women worldwide.  Being ethical, honest, and socially & environmentally aware is the bedrock of the company.

Our beautiful candle gift products spread joy and help to make your house a “home”.  They are hand crafted here in the UK, using high quality oils and natural wax. 

Arya Candles customers have already helped to fund 8 women from war-torn countries on a one-year support programme, during which they gain the skills, confidence and income to create and sustain a better life. Learn more.

Jenny Hogg and Lina Hogg from Arya Candles

Our ethical and environmentally-conscious trading policy includes a commitment to use materials from sustainable sources.  Arya candles are made from rapeseed wax and the elegant packaging is made from recyclable materials.   

By choosing an Arya Candles product, you are making a difference to the lives of women in crisis around the world.