Our Inspirational #SheWhoShines Candles Are Here!

If you've been following our International Women's Day campaign, #SheWhoShines, you know all about the 10 incredible women we recently wrote blogs about. Those blogs culminated in a vote, so we could narrow down to just 3 women, who we are calling our Legends

The plan for was for the 3 Legends to have their names etched onto special limited edition white candles. Unfortunately, we ran into a problem with the white candles: Due to the brightness of the jar, it was difficult to clearly see the woman's name, and we want everyone who has the candle to be able to see it illuminated beautifully through the glow of the candle.

We then discovered that the International Women's Day colour is, infact, purple! This couldn't be more perfect, because our current range of candles are a stunning deep purple. 

(The white frosted candle jars are beautiful, so we will have those available in the shop very soon.)

The 3 women who you voted to commemorate were Maya Angelou, Wangari Maathai, and Rosa Parks, who were all women with huge amounts of passion, strength, and determination. The names will shine beautifully as the candle burns down. When the wax is gone, we'd like to encourage everyone to use tealights, to keep the legend alive (soy tealights available in our store.) So without further ado... Our candles...

               Maya Angelou                                           Rosa Parks                                              Wangari Maathai
            (Read about Maya)                                   (Read about Rosa)                                  (Read about Wangari)

We feel very strongly about the empowerment, education, and equality of women therefore at Arya Candles we support women from war-torn countries via Women for Women International. Through buying our candles, you're helping us to continue sponsoring women, helping them to change their lives. Learn more.

As well as being available in the online shop, we'll also be selling these inspirational candles at the Suffolk Feminist Society's event, 'A Celebration of International Women's Day', on March 8th at UCS in Ipswich. Tickets are free, and can be obtained here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-celebration-of-international-womens-day-tickets-20931073404