Top Tips for Running an Ethical Company

Arya Candles' Top Tips for Running an Ethical Company

As an ethical business, one of our aims is to encourage other companies to consider exactly how they do business, and how it is affecting the people/planet. At Arya Candles we knew at the outset that we were going to run our business as ethically as possible so that we can trade with a clear conscience and integrity.

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It is a challenge to trade ethically in a world where consumers largely demand cheaper products and still expect high quality. Additionally, the most expensive products may be the worst culprits in respect of their business practices, products and supply chain. But we believe, increasingly, consumers are looking for ethical products from ethically run companies. 

Our Top 5 Tips

1.  Have a clear statement of intent
What will your company do and not do? It is like a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statement but it must have ‘teeth’, which means it is implemented and practiced.

2.  Consider how you work with your shareholders (i.e. employees, investors, clients and suppliers).
Anyone who has a vested interest in making the business a success is critical. Treating all stakeholders fairly and being ethical in all your accounting practices, even going above and beyond expectations. For example, at Arya Candles we have decided that with some of our small suppliers, we will pay them well within their payment terms to ensure they do not suffer any hardship, and better still, aid their cashflow.

3.  Be honest and compassionate
Being honest and fair in ALL your business dealings speaks volumes about your company. This means not even telling ‘white’ lies: Often we may not give honest feedback to spare someone their feelings, e.g. a supplier you get on with well. When you say nothing, you are actually doing the supplier a disservice. Speaking your truth with compassion will be beneficial for all parties involved. If your supplier appreciates working with you then they will be grateful for the feedback, and this helps to build bridges.

4. Help to take care of the Earth
Now, more than ever, it is critical for everyone to do their part in taking care of the planet. Ensure your products are environmentally friendly and that you have double checked the ethics of your supply chain. At Arya Candles we have made a pledge never to use real gold, silver or diamonds in or as part of our products because the dangerous extraction process more often than not “takes place in corners of the world where labour and environmental standards are not as high as they could be.” - Leo Hickman The Guardian Newspaper.

5. Follow the 3 P’s
Ethical businesses practice the three ‘P’s’ – People, Planet, Profit, or (Purpose, Passion, Profit).  This is called the ‘triple bottom line’ and essentially ties the social and environmental impact of a companies activities to it’s economic growth. Companies which practice the three P’s do right by both people and planet, and ensure profit for sustainability of the business.

As well as the above, we encourage companies to consider incorporating social giving into their business model. A huge part of our company is supporting women in war-torn countries via Women for Women International. Each time we're able to sponsor a new woman, or see one of our previous sponsors graduate, it fills us with joy and is all thanks to our customers. Click here to learn more.

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So, how ethical is your business or the company you work for? Do tell us, without breaking confidentiality of course! We would love to hear your views.