Arya Then, Arya Now: We Are Transforming

The Past Year for Arya

2015 was a fairly monumental year for Arya – (though not as monumental as I expect the upcoming years to be!) Lina and I went into candle making with absolutely no previous knowledge. We did the researching, testing, (and hair-pulling) ourselves. A perfect example of learning by doing. The process of product development sure had its frustrations, however we believe there's no point to life if you can't have fun, along with lots of laughter, so there has rarely been a dull moment!

Since the inception of Arya Candles, we have created a variety of different products including our popular tin candles, elegant purple glass jars, and gift boxes. We strive to continue improving our products, therefore after extensive research we made the decision to switch to using essential oils, the main reason being that we wanted to create a 100% natural candle. Using essential oils (oils pressed directly from plant material) we can harness their therapeutic benefits, and blend the oils ourselves to create truly unique aromas. 

Alongside our journey of product development, we have been supporting women in war-torn countries, via Women for Women International, through a year-long educational program to help them rebuild their lives which have been devastated by conflict. We are proud to say that we have sponsored 8 women through this life-changing program. Between them, they have 32 children who will also benefit through the education that their mother's have received.

How We Are Changing

Things are going to be changing for Arya. We have big, exciting, game-changing plans, which have been in the works for the past 12 months. It's been a lot of good, hard work but the most difficult part has been keeping all our new designs a secret! Yes, that's right... New designs. We are transforming, like a caterpillar to a butterfly. With a new logo, new candle container, and new packaging, we are well and truly going for it. 

We have created something that no other candle company comes close to. We're aiming to shake up the candle market, with our new vivid designs, gorgeous essential oil fragrances, and of course our continuing dedication to supporting women in war-torn countries. 

Over the next 2 months, we are launching onto the investment raising platform, Seedrs. We will be asking friends, family, & other dedicated Arya fans, to show their support for us by investing in our socially conscious company. 

So, dear friends and followers, all we can say, is watch this space. Our next update will be coming very, very soon, in which we'll tell you more about our exciting fundraising campaign, and why we are looking for investment. 

To see our current range of beautiful white candles made with essential oils, click here