Gifts that Give - Beautiful Gifts Supporting Artisans Around the World

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love! The choices for honoring this tradition are abundant - Delicious breakfast in bed, a long walk in the frosty Winter air, a movie on the sofa, roses and chocolates and champagne! Doesn't it all sound heavenly? But everybody is different, and whether you like to do something on February 14th or not, the important thing is LOVE. Love, all year round. 

Another special occasion coming up is Mother's Day on March 6th. It's such a beautiful opportunity to spoil your mum and show her how much you appreciate her (which we should, of course, do all the time!)

At Arya Candles we believe in 'Gifts that Give'. It's more rewarding to shop when you know your money is going to a good cause, so this year why not buy something that gives back to the global community? 

I've scoured the internet and compiled a list of 8 beautiful gifts which support truly outstanding causes:

1. Asha Handicrafts

Asha Handicrafts has been a leading fairtrade organization in India for the last 30 years. Committed to preserving craft traditions of India and ensuring fair wages, they are impacting the lives of hundreds of artisans, working with cooperatives and family workshops throughout India.

Buy here for $54 (Approx £38)

2. Alessi

3. Borderline

This Special Edition “Anna G.” corkscrew contributes to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, which can provide 11 days of life-saving HIV medication

Buy here for £29.95


Based along the Thailand-Burma border, where thousands of Burmese refugees have sought safety from military and ethnic violence over the years, Borderline provides a secure space where artisans can market their products. The ultimate goal of Borderline is to find safe job opportunities for refugee women.

Buy it here for $20 (approx £14)

4. Love41

Love41 wallet

100% of the profits from Love41 go directly towards improving the lives of orphans and widows in Rwanda who were affected by the 1994 genocide, which killed over 1 million people. They provide food, clothing, education and a safe community to those who need it most.

Buy it here for $69 (approx £48) 


5. Space NK Apothecary

Ten percent of the profits from this light, fresh and serene scent go to the charity Women for Women International to help female war surivors rebuild their lives in peaceful communities.

Buy it here for £60


Swaziland Fair Trade (SWIFT) is a member-based organization that works with 25 groups to employ 5,000 artisans from both rural and urban areas of Swaziland. The sale of this product helps SWIFT address the needs of its member organizations, which include medical care and education programs.

Buy it here for $24 (approx £17)

7. Sasa Designs

 In Kenya the unemployment rates for the deaf are as high as 85% and deaf women are often mistreated by their families or spouses. Sasa Designs by the Deaf was founded to combat the stigma of deafness, and to offer jewelry-making jobs to these women. The sale of this product will help them earn a living so that they can care for their children and send them to school.

Buy it here for £28

8. The Women's Peace Collection

The Women’s Peace Collection offer a collection of handmade items created by women who are rebuilding their lives in the shadows of war, civil strife or poverty. The organisation is guided by key principles: fair trade, compassionate commerce and a commitment to empower women through sustainable enterprise.

Buy it here for £40


So there you have it. A collection of 8 stunning, hand-made gifts from around the world. 

At Arya our charity of choice is Women for Women International, chosen for the incredible work they do around the world, for women in war-torn countries. Through sales of our candles, hand-crafted by us, we have been able to sponsor one woman from Afghanistan and three from Rwanda. We have a target of sponsoring 50 women in 5 years, which we can only do with your help. You can help by visiting our shop or mentioning us on social media:

Let us know in the comments below which gift is your favourite, or share with us any other products supporting great causes.