Top Tips for Running an Ethical Company

Top Tips for Running an Ethical Company

As an ethical business, one of our aims is to encourage other companies to consider exactly how they do business, and how it is affecting the people/planet. At Arya Candles we knew at the outset that we were going to run our business as ethically as possible so that we can trade with a clear conscience and integrity.

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Corporate Gifting to Support Women in War-Torn Countries

It seems only yesterday that we were so thrilled to be sponsoring our first woman from a war-torn country via Women for Women International. Her name is Barfi, from Afghanistan, and soon she will be completing her year long program where she will have learned an abundance of valuable information. The value of this year long program is tremendous as she can now educate her children with what she has learned. 

Skip forward a year, and we're now sponsoring our fourth woman! 

It is with big thanks to PicassoHR that we have been able to sponsor Valentine from Rwanda


PicassoHR ordered 100 candles for their 15th anniversary which enabled us to support another woman for a year. We created a bespoke candle for them, with beautiful etching on the purple jar, as a special way of commemorating their anniversary. The fragrance was Plum & Patchouli, a sophisticated scent of dark berries, cinnamon and clove, with floral accords of rose

To find out more about PicassoHR and their services please visit: 

Valentine completed her first module in December 2015. During this module, 'Sustaining an Income', she has learned how to overcome inequalities which prevent women from gaining economic self-sufficiency. Valentine and her classmates have also worked on increasing their confidence and challenging beliefs that women's value is secondary to that of a man. They have focused in on how to manage family resources, the value of saving, and types of economic activities they can become involved in. She is currently in Module II, 'Health & Wellness', where she will learn about prevention, treatment and management of key health issues, including basic family health, psychological health, and reproductive health. 

At Arya Candles we can provide corporate gifts for any type of occasion! Whether it's to say thank you to a client or to show appreciation for employees, we can help. With our experience in candle making, and excellent customer service we strive to make the process as simple for you as possible. Find the perfect 'gift that gives' with Arya Candles.

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