The Arya Butterfly & Butterfly Symbolism

The Arya Butterfly & Butterfly Symbolism

Here at Arya HQ, we are on a mission. A mission to bring something new and vibrant into the candle market. We vehemently believe that business should be used as a force for good.

In a world that is waking up to a new way of living and doing business, Arya has taken the challenge and responsibility to create something that has lasting impact and creates a ripple throughout the world. 

We describe ourselves as a socially and environmentally conscious candle company, and we would like other's to also think about how they can make meaningful change in the natural world, and society. 

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Arya's 2nd Birthday: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Arya is 2 years old! And what an exciting time it is for us to be launching a brand new vibrant, vivid look for her. Arya is truly morphing into a beautiful, strong, and compassionate woman.

On Friday 11th November, we are going to be releasing our new look into the world. Arya is coming out of her cocoon, if you will, and what a transformation it will be! 

Since founding the business 2 years ago, we, Lina & Jenny, have sponsored EIGHT women via Women for Women International. These women, from countries such as Afghanistan, Rwanda, and South Sudan, have had their lives changed. They have learned about their human rights, health, community and so much more. These women have in turn educated their children and other women in their community - The ripple effect created is immense. 

We are so very proud of where our business is heading, and loyal customers such as yourself make it all possible.

Stay tuned to our social media accounts  and on Friday 11th visit our webpage to put your name down to be the first to hear when our highly anticipated new candles will be for sale! (And find out why we've been using so much butterfly symbolism!) 

When Friday comes, please share our news far and wide, and help us make a splash!