The Art of Gifting


Gifting is an art and a science, just like candle making. At Arya Candles, we are passionate about social good through purposeful buying. Our passion for supporting the empowerment of women in former conflicts zones underpins all that we do. 


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New  gold candles available very soon!

New  gold candles available very soon!

There is nothing more rewarding giving a present that is truly appreciated because you spent time thinking about their needs, wants and desires.  It can be sheer joy or real frustration looking for that perfect gift. It’s even harder to buy for the person that ‘has everything’, right? 

Here are 3 top tips on meaningful gifting from Arya Candles' co-founder, Lina. 

1. Give by listening and observing

This is the number one rule: Listen, observe, and learn. 

Your friends and family will usually at some stage, talk about their likes and dislikes, hobbies and desires. Take note. Do they need or desire something decorative or useful for their home, or something for themselves?  Are they celebrating something special like graduating, passing a driving test, a birthday, new home? Do they need something old replacing? 

Gifts do not always have to associated with money: Perhaps you could give some of your time, whether it’s to sit and chat or helping with something that needs doing around house. You could make something meaningful such as a photo album with comments inside it from friends and family.  Perhaps you have a friend who has a new baby so, as well as a gift for the baby, she might appreciate and benefit from soothing, or uplifting therapeutic products.   

People will not always say what they want or even recognise the need, so you need to be intuitive, and a bit of a detective; observing and listening all the time. 

2. Give by hobbies and interests

Are they an outdoorsy type, who likes nothing better than being outside regardless of the weather? Do they love nothing better than sitting in a warm room by the fire reading a book? What type of books interest them? Do they have an interest in collectables? Are they an animal lover and/or into animal conservation?

 The list is endless.  It’s a beautiful thing to find that perfect gift that says 'I understand you'

3. Give for a good cause

At Arya Candles, we believe that human beings have an innate desire to be compassionate, to love, and to contribute for greater good.  (Of course, there are many people who do not think that way, but we are sure that they’re in the minority!)

How about a gift that supports a good cause, or donate in their name to a cause or charity that’s near and dear to their heart?

Or maybe even donating a sum of money to a scheme that involves micro-financing to deserving entrepreneurs, and give them the pleasure of selecting the people and groups to donate to?  They’ll be able to track the loan or loans, and receive feedback along the way.  Kiva is one such incredible organisation.

There are also many fair trade products that support small scale production of goods. 

And finally, if they love candles (who doesn’t though?), then of course it has to be an Arya Candle. 

Small actions, powerful impact!

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