The Arya Butterfly & Butterfly Symbolism

Here at Arya HQ, we are on a mission. A mission to bring something new and vibrant into the candle market. We vehemently believe that business should be used as a force for good.

In a world that is waking up to a new way of living and doing business, Arya has taken the challenge and responsibility to create something that has lasting impact and creates a ripple throughout the world. 

We describe ourselves as a socially and environmentally conscious candle company, and we would like others to also think about how they can make meaningful change in the natural world, and society. 

The new Arya logo is so drastically different from our original. This is because it was very important for us to have a logo that represents the energy we're putting out into the world. The butterfly carries so much meaning:

  1. Butterflies are a powerful symbol of transformation and rebirth: Arya is transforming, and the world is transforming too. We embrace the change and the cycles of life, also encouraging others to embrace and create change in the world. 
  2. To us, the butterfly is one of the most beautiful things to be seen in nature, and the appearance of butterflies in the Spring marks birth, the emergence from the cold winter months of personal hibernation. A new energy comes during this time, of light and quiet awakening.
  3. In many cultures, the butterfly is a symbol of soul, grace, elegance, expansion, lightness, and expression.
  4. Can you see the woman's face in the wings of the butterfly? She represents our commitment to helping marginalised women in countries all over the world that have been ravaged by war. In war-torn countries, 80% of the citizens who suffer are women and children, so we will not stand still, nor silent. We are dedicated to continuing to work with Women for Women International. 
  5. The Arya Butterfly represents the ripple effect: One small change can create enormous impact. The women that we support go on to educate other women in the community, as well as their children. 

Therefore, YOU are also part of this ripple effect. The small act of supporting us through purchasing our candles, sets off the wings of the butterfly, spreading far and wide to places that the support is most needed.   

The inside of the luxurious black box is covered in a lush green, representing our love for the natural world. A woman can be seen softly blowing the butterfly, further demonstrating the butterfly effect that we can all be a part of. 

Our new logo took months to perfect, down to every last detail. The result? A symbol that represents all we are, that we can be proud to shout about.

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