Due to security or cultural reasons, a photo of barfi is not available. 

Due to security or cultural reasons, a photo of barfi is not available. 



Enrollment date: January 2015
Graduation date: January 2016


The first woman that we were able to sponsor, shortly after starting Arya Candles, is from Afghanistan. We are so pleased, and proud, that she has completed the year-long program, to help her learn new skills and improve her life. On her completion of the final module, we were able to begin sponsoring a new woman, who you can read about here.

Years of violence in Afghanistan have left millions of women and girls displaced or widowed. It is often dangerous for women to seek education, healthcare, employment, or, sometimes even to leave their home. With support from Women for Women International, women receive year-long training, as well as programs to engage men.

Upon graduating from the WfWi program, women from Afghanistan report positive changes in four areas:

'Women earn and save money: Women report average daily personal income of $0.63 at graduation, compared to $0.13 at enrollment.

Women develop health and well-being: Nearly 100 percent of participants report practicing famiy planning at graduation, compared to less than 4 percent at enrollment.

Women influence decision in the home and community: Nearly 96 percent of participants report participating in household financial decisions at graduation, compared to 27 percent at enrollment.

Women create and connect to networks for support and advocacy: More than 95 percent of participants report sharing information about their rights with another woman at graduation, compared to 2 percent at enrollment.'

This life-changing sponsorship wasn't possible without the support given by our customers. By choosing an Arya Candles product, you are making a difference to the lives of women in crisis around the world. If you haven't yet experienced a luxurious Arya candle, please consider visiting our shop.