Our sister from Rwanda has completed her life changing, one year training. After the training, women in Rwanda have reported changes in 4 crucial areas:

  • Women earn and save money: Women report average personal earnings of $0.88 per day at graduation, compared to $0.38 at enrollment.
  • Women develop health and well-being: 95 percent of participants report practicing family planning at graduation, compared to 83 percent at enrollment.
  • Women influence decisions in the home and community: Nearly 100 percent of participants report participating in household financial decisions at graduation, compared to 96 percent at enrollment.
  • Women create and connect to networks for support and advocacy: More than 87 percent of participants report sharing information about their rights with other women at graduation, compared to 15 percent at enrollment.

Sponsorship of this woman was made possible by Allegis Group who ran an event on women's empowerment. They generously gifted each woman who attended with one of our Black Pomegranate candles. If you're interested in gifting our candles for an event, please contact us

The sponsorship of these women isn't possible without the support given by our customers. By choosing an Arya Candles product, you are making a difference to the lives of women in crisis around the world.  If you haven't yet experienced an Arya candle, please consider visiting our shop.